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In the domain of polygraph testing, the pillars of professional integrity and ethical conduct are paramount. Today, we turn the spotlight on Mike Rumble, a UK-based polygraph examiner, who has, unfortunately, drawn attention for all the wrong reasons. According to reports published on liedetectortest.com, Mr. Rumble has been involved in a series of troubling incidents that question his professional credibility.

Firstly, Mr. Rumble was caught plagiarising content from liedetectortest.com, a trusted and respected platform for information on polygraph testing. Rather than producing original content that mirrors his expertise, he resorted to content theft – an unacceptable practice in any profession. This act not only undermines his credibility but also disrespects the hard work and research of the original authors.

The questionable actions do not stop there. Mr. Rumble, in an attempt to inflate his professional standing, also wrongfully used the logo of the American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPA) on his website. AAPA, a highly regarded institution, unites law enforcement professionals across the United States to advance the field of polygraph technology and training. Mr. Rumble was never a member of this prestigious association, yet he did not hesitate to falsely claim association to gain credibility.

The AAPA, after receiving complaints from actual members and following an investigation, confirmed that Mr. Rumble had never been a member. This falsehood forced him to remove the AAPA logo from his website – a clear sign of his deceptive actions.

Adding further fuel to the fire, Mr. Rumble was also expelled from the British Polygraph Association (BPA). The grounds of his removal were described as “behaviour unbecoming a professional examiner”. This expulsion by a leading national association further tarnishes his professional image.

These incidents of unprofessional conduct are not just alarming but also deeply disappointing. They betray the trust of the public and risk casting a shadow over the polygraph testing profession. As professionals in this field, examiners are expected to uphold high standards of honesty, integrity, and transparency. Actions like these undermine the faith the public places in polygraph testing services, casting a dark shadow over the profession’s overall reputation.

It is essential to remember that the actions of one individual do not define the integrity of the entire profession. The vast majority of polygraph examiners work diligently, abide by strict ethical guidelines, and maintain transparency with the public.

This unfortunate narrative serves as a reminder to always verify the credentials of polygraph examiners. More details on the incidents involving Mr. Mike Rumble can be found on liedetectortest.com. Let’s continue to uphold the standards of professional conduct in the field of polygraph testing, safeguarding it from the detrimental effects of unprofessional behaviour. It is indeed a shame when professional standards are compromised, but it is our collective responsibility to ensure that such instances are brought to light.